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Future leader in laboratory mineral processing!

On behalf of Metchib, I welcome you to our website!

We are very proud to present you " Metchib Metallurgical Services ".  Metchib is a company specialized in mineral processing and we are working to become the future leader of the mineral processing industry.  Our mission is to offer you the highest quality services, nothing less.  So Metchib is a competitive alternative to SGS mineral services, Corem, XPS Xstrata... and more.

Metchib owns a complete processing laboratory combined with complex analytical equipments required in processing investigations.  Our pilot plant is under construction and our first gold ingot is planned to be melted in the fourth quarter of 2012.    

Usine pilote 2 Première coulée CIP  CIL -  3 onces dor

We can help you with any steps of your processes development. Since the last years, we have been involved in many projects such as developing new processes, realizing scoping studies, mineralogical studies, complex flowsheet determination and direct optimization on site.  We can assist you in employee trainings. We are using the latest recognized methods in minerals processing and we use ISO 17025 certified chemical datas analysis for your NI 43-101.  

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist you in your projects. 

Jonathan Lapointe, Eng.